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After more than 20 years' experience in the paper industry, Valter Mariga founded the Santi srl paper company in 1985. By adapting ordinary envelope machines he successfully managed to create innovative envelopes for ophthalmic lenses. They soon became very popular with major ophthalmic laboratories and lens manufacturers. Over the years the company developed its technology and created a network of trusted collaborators, primarily in the grap-

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-hics and printing sectors, which gave it the stability required to become a dynamic and flexible business able to satisfy the client's every need. In a few years it became the leading company in Italy and Santi srl's exclusive products also became popular abroad where it has made a significant mark on the European market. Distinguished by its top quality products and excellent customer service, today Santi srl can boast of 30 years' experience exclusively in the ophthalmic

High quality products thanks to constant controls

sector. Proud of its quality of service and long experience, the paper company became the hallmark for every company and store working in the ophthalmic industry. Always at your service, Santi srl's staff welcome you.

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