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You're short of space and don't know where to put your envelopes? Do you want to be sure of never running out of envelopes?
Our warehouse becomes yours! Subject to specific agreement, Santi srl puts its warehouse at your disposal. "YOUR WAREHOUSE" offers several advantages.
- You can save on the cost of the product since we will manufacture a larger number.
- You will never run out of envelopes because we will keep you updated on remaining stock levels.
- You won't fill up your warehouse with cumbersome boxes.
- When you run out of envelopes, just contact us and, within 24/48 hours, your new order will be delivered.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Our sales office will help you on the choice of products more suitable to your needs.
It is our aim to guarantee the fastest possible production times.
We can prepare draft designs of your logo according to your instructions and suggestions.

Don't you have enough space in your storage? Use our warehouse!