envelopes for RX lenses

Envelopes for prescription lenses… a new version is arrived! Designed by Santi srl, this special bag is made with two separate pockets for each lens; in this way, the pair of lenses is never separated during each processing phase, preventing any operator’s errors. To simplify its utilization even more, we have introduced a new character...
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Envelopes for prescription lenses with two pockets and side expansion to increase its capacity

new production times

Santi srl is modernizing its production facility. In 2015 Santi srl launched a new series of high speed system   reducing production times for lens envelopes.   During 2016, in order to complete all the various formats of lens envelopes, a second production line has   been activated.   Even the qu...
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New high speed systems to reduce production times of envelopes for lenses

professional envelopes in variable formats

Taking into account the requirements from opticians, Santi srl has specially set-up a machine that produces   various formats of delivery envelopes for glasses.   Sometimes they don’t fit in the drawers, sometimes they need to be printed on and sometimes they are simply   too small. Our response is a r...
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Santi has specially set-up a machine that produces  various formats of delivery-envelopes for glasses