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Envelopes for prescription lenses with two pockets and side expansion to increase its capacity

envelopes for RX lenses

Envelopes for prescription lenses… a new version is arrived! Designed by Santi srl, this special bag is made with two separate pockets for each lens; in this way, th...

New high speed systems to reduce production times of envelopes for lenses

new production times

Santi srl is modernizing its production facility. In 2015 Santi srl launched a new series of high speed system   reducing production times for lens envelo...

Santi has specially set-up a machine that produces  various formats of delivery-envelopes for glasses

professional envelopes in variable formats

Taking into account the requirements from opticians, Santi srl has specially set-up a machine that produces   various formats of delivery envelopes f...

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